Mitashi SB2575 BT 2.1 Channel Soundbar Woofer

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  • 2.1 Channel Sound Bar
  • 4000 Watts PMPO
  • Compatible with TV, DVD, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, MP3, MP4 player etc
  • Bluetooth and AUX Connectivity
  • USB, SD, MMC Card Reader
  • Fully functional remote control
  • 1 Year Warranty


Mitashi Floor Standing Speakers, Sound bars and Home heaters bring out the best in your entertainment. Mitashi Speakers give you premium performance without compromises & feature new, beautifully crafted designs that are packed with technology to deliver the best audio experience for all your entertainment. Mitashi Speakers are designed with the latest technology that allow you to use a variety of connections i.e. Blue Connect Technology, Aux input, USB, SD Card etc so you can enjoy your music, whichever way you want without worrying about compatibility.


  1. 2.1 Ch Tower Speaker
    Engage for an immersive and impressive experience of the ultimate cult in the world of sound.
  2. 4000 Watts PMPO
    PMPO gives you an idea about the maximum power that a speaker can handle within a short period of time. With Mitashi’s 4000 Watts PMPO experience incredibly clear audio and a heightened luxury experience.
  3. USB Connectivity
    Having experienced unmatched audio performance, this speaker system is supplemented with easy plug-n- play USB rendering accessibility to more music for crystal clear audio.
  4. Bluetooth
    You can now play your favorite music from any smartphone, tablets or laptops by connecting it wirelessly to the multimedia system.
  5. Remote Control
    With the help of the remote control, you can change tracks, adjust volume and control the system at your convenience from a distance.
  6. Auxiliary Input
    You can connect any other audio system, such as MP3 player, Smartphone, Laptop, desktop etc to this portable speaker for a crystal clear sound quality.
  7. Design
    The 2.1 Ch- BS 2575 BT comes with a stylist and designated look in Black, thereby enhancing the overall home décor.
  8. Rich Bass
    The extended bass frequency levels from the sub woofer delivers extra ordinary music making you feel like a punk.
  9. 1 Year Warranty
    Mitashi 2.1 Ch Tower Speaker comes with a 1 year warranty and an overall assured service support.


Additional information




SB 2575 BT


2.1CH Soundbar

Item Weight

5.2 Kg

Product Dimensions

36 x 26 x 14.5 cm

Connector Type


Remote Control


Total Usb Ports


Signal To Noise Ratio

45 dB

Supported Audio Format


Compatible with

TV, DVD, PC, Laptop, MP3, MP4 player etc


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